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May 8, 2017:

Spoken World Live is swiftly becoming global!
We currently have two anchor cities-- Los Angeles, California, and Cape Town, South Africa.  We are currently in talks to pick up a third anchor city-- stay tuned!
And since we're talking about Spoken World Live, you may want to know that because of the success of our April 29 reading, we've been invited to take part in Cape Town's Naked World Festival which runs from June 8 - 11, 2017! 
The lineup for "Woman is a STRONG WORD" is being finalized-- watch this space on May 10!
Shakespeare Saturday for the Spring and Summer is on!  Here is our schedule:
June 24:  "Much Ado About Nothing"
July 22: "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
August 26: "Hamlet"
Shakespeare Saturday is held monthly on the fourth Saturday, from 2:00 - 5:00 pm.  Sign sheets for each of these readings will be available this weekend at the Hollywood Regional Library, 1623 N. Ivar Ave., in Hollywood, CA.
We will be dark at the Hollywood Library this Sunday (for Mother's Day), but stop by to see "Dear Mom",  our Mother's Day exhibit there through this month!
We return on May 28 to celebrate the release of poet Derek Brown's first collection of poetry: "Articulate Scars".  Join us there from 2:00 - 4:00 pm for a powerful feature and open reading, and to pick up a copy of Derek's book-- it is fire!
~~stay tuned~~

April 9, 2017:


This Sunday, we featured Richard and Robbi Nester at the Hollywood Library.  The Nesters led an excellent reading, which was particularly highlighted by their stellar work!  Many, many thanks to Richard and Robbi for not only sharing your words and verse, but also in your substantial contributions in sharing with the audience your experience and advice in the beauty and craft of poetry.

Our featured artists for April 23rd will be Alex M. Frankel and Douglas Richardson.

The reading itself has taken on a life of its own.  In the beginning, I thought it would be best to create the same atmosphere as in our sister reading in Studio City, one of nurturing and encouragement.  I thought that our Hollywood reading would develop slowly and organically; it turns out I was half right.

There is a hunger for knowledge in reading, writing and performing at the Hollywood Library.  The depth of curiosity in our Hollywood family has made for lively discussions, which last for longer than we have the room available!  In these conversations, our featured artists engage and share with the audience their joy in the art.  Though we have a short open-mic reading, the most fun is in the telling of stories and sharing of experiences after we formally adjourn.  Though it germinated similarly, there is a fertility that has made this reading grow substantially, even in the short time we’ve been there.

Did I just say “grow”?  That reminds me…

April 9, 2017:


We are growing!

The Expressions L.A. program is adding a new series at the Frances Howard Goldwyn Hollywood Regional Library.

Starting April 22, 2017, we will present Shakespeare Saturdays, where we will conduct a table reading of a Shakespeare play every month.  Our first Shakespeare Saturday kicks off with The Tempest! 

Set on a remote island, the sorcerer Prospero, rightful Duke of Milan, plots to restore his daughter Miranda to her rightful place using illusion and skillful manipulation. He conjures up a storm, the eponymous tempest, to lure his usurping brother Antonio and the complicit King Alonso of Naples to the island. There, his machinations bring about the revelation of Antonio's lowly nature, the redemption of the King, and the marriage of Miranda to Alonso's son, Ferdinand.

All readings are open for the public to attend and/or participate!

The roles available for The Tempest are:

Prospero - usurped Duke of Milan, a “Wizard”

Miranda – Prospero’s Daughter

Ariel – an airy spirit

Caliban – enslaved by Prospero, son of the witch Sycorax

Alonso – King of Naples

Sebastian – Alonso’s Brother

Antonio – usurping Duke of Milan, Prospero’s brother

Ferdinand – Alonso’s son

Gonzalo – counselor who gave aid to Prospero and Miranda

Adrian and Francisco are lords

Trinculo – jester

Stephano – drunken butler


Master of the ship

Iris, Ceres, and Juno – spirits and goddesses

There are two ways to sign-up for a role:

Drop by the Information Desk at the Hollywood Library (1623 N. Ivar Ave., in Hollywood) to sign-up, or use the online form on our Upcoming Events page!

All readings are free for participants and audience alike!


April 1, 2017:


A short open reading list made for a short afternoon.  Still it was an electric and incredible reading with the tandem fefature of Pete Justus and Wyatt Underwood.

Pete's work dove so intensely into events from his older work, that the power of his prose is just as relevant today.  It's a rare talent when a poet's work places you in the very environment s/he creates.  Pete was tremendously successful.

Wyatt has a friendship that goes beyond years.  HIs presence is such that you feel as if you've known him all your life.  His poetry also reflects the same emotion, just as quietly and matter-of-factly as his personage.  Wyatt's work has a uniquely familiar observational quality which brings the listener's eyes to his front window.  Wyatt's work is a reflection of life unfolding in all its love and tedium, confort and outrageousness.

Thank you to Pete Justus and Wyatt Underwood for their outstanding work!

Also many thanks to our open readers, Roy, Vachine, Allison and Ann (who also brought some oranges for us!)

And much gratitude to our wonderful audience! (When the audience members outnumber the poets in attendance, you know that's a good thing!)


March 26, 2017:


A double-cancellation did not dim the afternoon.  Instead, we enjoyed our (new) weekly writing prompt, (“my life is a river…”), and shared the work that came from it.  Additionally, we welcomed new members to the group, Donald, Tony, and Pinky, who was published in the Onyx: Spoken Word anthology.

A discussion of writing projects morphed into some lively small talk, then evolved into an impromptu moderated discussion on royalties and intellectual property rights.  The discussion was animated and all present were engaged and involved, making for a fruitful and productive session. 

Many thanks to all who attended.

The featured artists scheduled, Dorothy Randall Gray and Douglas Kearney will be as soon as their respective schedules will allow.  This type of tandem feature is waay too good to break up.

Stay tuned…

March 25, 2017:


Still excited over the expansion of the Expressions Literary Arts Program, but just a little overwhelmed by its growing pains.  Looking to have a full slate of programming for Spring 2017 by the end of the month.  For now, here’s what we have:

Setback on Spoken World Live:  Still looking to have the event in April for National Poetry Month—stay tuned.

The Expressions reading will go dark at the Studio City Library for a special FREE COMIC BOOK DAY event on May 6, 2017.  As a result, the Expressions Reading will be held for three straight weeks in May and June, to host a special themed series: “Woman Strong”.

May and June programming for the Hollywood Library is coming soon.

Check out our “Upcoming Events” for more details on Expressions’ Spring 2017 season.

February 24, 2017:

Developments: National Poetry Month

February 18, 2017:

I learned something last Saturday:  Every reading is perfect in its own way.

This was especially true this weekend, when we hosted Louise Westerhout from South Africa.

On my way to the Studio City Library, I noticed brilliant sapphire skies and arctic white cumulonimbus clouds, morphing and frolicking in sharp contrast.

Upon arriving, I was greeted warmly by Louise, who had arrived just minutes before I did.
  Afterward, we adjourned to the community room where we hold the reading.  I set up the sign-up sheet and sat with Louise as we waited for the reading to begin.

We chatted like a tennis match, exchanging stories about how her trip to the U.S. was coming along, her experience with her reading in Ventura a couple of nights before, the reading series here at the library, and the atypically seasonal weather.

Later, one of our regular readers, Ann Alexander appeared for the open reading, and an audience member, Kathryn arrived (I hope I spelled her name right, although the odds are against me—there are 23 different ways of spelling the name Kathryn).
  We waited for a few minutes, then arranged the chairs in a small circle to read.

Ann read a beautiful poem from her work, and she 
read it a second time at Louise’s urging—Louise mentioned that in listening or reading to a poem a second time, one could pick up different elements and images that the work evokes.

Louise shared not only her work, but the works of her friends in South Africa.
  The poetry she read was complex and concise, haunting and lyrical.  You could say that Louise brought Cape Town with her in her trip here, as we listened and felt the impressions and emotions from Louise, her friends, even the city itself.

Saturday afternoon was a most intimate, charming and delightful reading.
  Many thanks and great love to Louise for sharing her community with us.

February, 4, 2017:

A debt of gratitude goes out to our featured artists last Saturday-- Armine Aknadossian and India Radfar, who turned in incredibly captivating performances.  The afternoon's open reading also boasted Darika Brown, who shared some powerful work (Keep an eye out for Darika-- she'll be a featured artist sooner than later)!

Thanks as well to our open readers-- Darika, Erica Abbott, Lida Abramian, Tanya White and Ann Alexander, for the variety of poetry and spoken word showcased last Saturday.  We have some highlights from the reading below:

January 21, 2017:

Many, many thanks to The contributors of the Beth Moon Anthology, who combined their excellent work with the spectacular photography of Beth Moon. 

The contributors to the anthology included Sonia Greenfield, Charles Hood, Lois P. Jones, Rick Lupert, Robbi Nester and Susan Rogers.


December 17, 2016

We had a wonderful afternoon of poetry on the 17th!  Here are a few of our guest artists from the afternoon:

Woman is a STRONG WORD

Woman is a STRONG WORD is a multi-generational tribute to women in poetry.  Join us in celebration of these trailblazing women by picking up WSW items from our new Cafe Press Store, where you'll find even more apparel, gear and goodies!

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